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Bullet Workouts emerged as a result of a creative initiative with the aim of helping me, my friends and my clients stay fitness-motivated during COVID-19 pandemic, when our regular routines had been totally disrupted. 

I knew that my students and clients, as well as myself, needed motivation during these unprecedented times, so I created some fitness challenges to follow on Instagram Live to help up us stay on track and sane.

After a few weeks, we not only saw fantastic physical changes in our bodies, but we also realised that these morning sessions are a fun and bonding kick start to the day and a good trigger to keep on moving more.

However, the live Instagram streaming was limiting. Not everyone could always tune in at a set time and the recordings were lost after a short while.  So, I decided to record these sessions and create an online workout-library that anyone can access at any time.  


Now, you can catch up with every session, play the training again at any time of the day or combine the sessions together to create your own full workout, whether it is 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. 


Bullet Workouts are a fun and efficient way to train when the time is scarce. These short sessions can be a starting point of your own workout, a supplement to your existing training regime or you can even build your own session by mixing and matching a few of them together, depending on your fitness goals.

The possibilities are endless!

Each workout takes only 10-15 minutes of your day, but the payback is much more than just results. You’ll become a part of a community of fun and like-minded people, who motivate, support and empower each other.

Let's have fun!


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About Arleta on Track
Hello, I am Arleta, a championing former volleyball player, with an avid passion for fitness which evolved into a boxing sphere.
My unabated passion for fitness, dance and wellbeing led me to become a Personal Trainer and a Fitness and Nutrition Coach.
With the years, I developed great skills, experience and expertise in long-lasting weight loss, body re-composition, strength and conditioning training. 
I like to take care of anyone; from a complete beginner to an aspiring young athlete, as well as anyone who is not a stranger to more advanced training drills.
I am a dedicated and compassionate change-maker, who encourages everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Fitness with Arleta is fun. We will create a strong partnership where we will help each other grow.
My mission is to gather as much knowledge and experience as I can for the benefit of everyone around me and beyond. 
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