Yet another 4 x 4 variation.
Upper Body- Shoulder - Core.
Activation and strength. 4 moves over 4 rounds, 20 sec each move back to back. It will burn.
4 x 4 Activation and strength of the shoulders and upper back. 4 moves over 4 minutes x 2. Are you ready?
Upper body-focused block that will also improve your core strength and stability
This five-minute conditioning drill can be a great finish to your cardio session. Two different muscle groups exercises done back-to-back. 30 seconds per exercise with no or minimal rest between them.
If you wish to improve your press ups or pull ups, then you need to include this drill in your training. 
3 Super sets back to back for 2 rounds. Get that burning feeling.
Upper body Blast! Worried about those bingo wings? This set will help you to target these, often neglected back of the arms.  Get yourself a chair and dip!
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