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Workout #9
Get ready for this dynamic HIIT session that emphasises the lower body. We throw Spiderman press ups for a good measure.
We practice a couple of basic primal moves with their variations and then put them into a simple beginner flow.
One of our fav leg drills revised. This time we've maxed up the frog squat and extended the Isometric squat hold to 2 minutes. Brace yourself and brace your abs!
100 Squat Challange! It's easy and we are getting competitive. Who can do 100 squats in the fastest time?
EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute. You earn your rest as you work. This balance improving drill involves two single-sided leg exercises to make sure each leg works just as hard as the other. 
This drill is designed to help you improve lower body strength and hip mobility incorporating fun moves that will challenge you and make you forget you're working out.
No impact Lower body sculpt! It will activate your glutes and hamstrings and set your quads on fire. These 2 sets of  exercises will help you to shape and strengthen your legs as well as your core.
Active and strong glutes are super important for good posture and healthy back and knee joints. The cute bum is a bonus.
10 minutes of non stop pure legs work. No impact. If you like to feel the burn then this is a perfect drill for you
Set your glutes and hamstring on. This 10min activation drill is one of the best ways to wake up your glutes and fire up your hammies, using mainly your own body weight.
It's a Leg Day! We are building up a ladder of three intense leg exercises and topping it up with an Isometric Squat Hold. Are you ready to put your quads to a real test.
2 workout protocols Squat Complex Tabata Total work time 6 minutes
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