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Benefits of resistance band training

Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of equipment. Personally, I think everybody should make use of them in some way at some point, regardless of their fitness level.

In fact, if you're not a fan of purposeful physical activities, the gym environment feels intimidating and high-intensity exercises put you off as soon as you start breathing faster, then resistance bands could be your best ally.

When it comes to keeping your bones healthy and strong, maintaining healthy muscle mass, stronger immune system or preventing injuries resistance bands got you covered.

There a few different types of bands that can be incorporated into different types of training:

• Warm ups

• Toning

• Physical therapy and rehabilitation

• Muscle strength

• Hypertrophy

• Hip and shoulder activation

• Muscle strengthening for beginners or people with muscle weakness

• Multiplanar exercises and unilateral movements

Working consistently with bands can help improve:

• Balance and coordination

• Joint stability

• Flexibility

• Mobility and increased range of motion

• Muscle endurance

• Explosiveness

Bands can help to:

• Strengthen muscles and increase bone mass

• Maintain proper form

• Lose weight

• Burn body fat

Below there is an example of strengthening and activation workout using resistance bands.

It can be modified to suit your fitness level and needs. Feel free to skip the exercises you’re not feeling confident about and do more of those you like.

To keep the progress going, play around with volume or length of rounds, the number of repetitions as well as the strength of the bands. Always start every new workout with a lower number of rounds or repetitions and work your way up steadily week by week. Be consistent.

Please make sure to warm up before engaging in any physical activity.

Click here to see the Workout Demo

For shoulder activation exercises demo click Here

Strength and activation full body resistance band workout.

4 sets x 2-4 rounds

Set 1

30 sec RB rack squats

30 sec RB Over Head press (alternatively single arm OH press R & L- extra difficult)

30 sec OH squat

Rest 45 sec

Set 2

30 sec RB Bicep curl (alternatively single-sided R & L)

30 sec RB Tricep extensions

Rest 45 sec

Set 3

30 sec RB Standing lateral leg raisers

30 sec RB Standing kick backs

Then repeat on the other side


Set 4

45 sec standing RB Oblique crunch - each side

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