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5 tips to stay in shape in the summer

1. Keep hydrated

It goes without saying that we need water to live. Water promotes cardiovascular health, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple.

Water keeps your body cool and helps cleanse your body — inside and out. To help you hydrate effectively, drink water infused with fresh mint leaves, cucumber, lemon and frozen berries rather than fruit juices, fizzy drinks or high in sugar smoothies. Add a pinch of salt for extra electrolyte content.

2. Eat your salads

Make your lunch light, fresh and hydrating by using a lot of fresh, seasonal veggies and herbs. Use olive oil and lemon juice as salad dressings. Don't forget to top it up with your favourite type of protein to keep you fuller for longer… and stay leaner.

3. Make your own frozen treats

Get a frozen banana, a handful of frozen berries, a splash of milk of your choice or yogurt and a bit of nut butter to make a delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream.

A homemade fruit and vegetables shake with the addition of protein powder and ice can be another great option for a quick, light and refreshing meal especially when you're on the go or when it gets too hot to cook.

4. Don't exercise during the hottest hours

If you work out during the first half of the afternoon, try to reschedule your sessions in the morning or in the evening, when the air is cooler. You’ll be able to kill your workout without having to compromise on the length or intensity of the session, and you'll minimise the risk of overheating or dehydrating.

5. Keep your party cocktails clean

Whenever possible, go for unflavoured alcoholic drinks and beverages and make your own flavour by adding fresh fruits or fruit purees and herbs rather than flavoured syrups and sugar.

Enjoy the outdoors and have fun!

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