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Workout #10

Super quick, easy and targeting all your abs sequence consisting of four moves. When you're really pressed for time.

Four minutes of abs circle variations. A great way to finish any workout.
Core activation. This drill activates your whole core: abs, obliques, glues, legs and back. Strong core equals more efficient and faster body movements as well as less injuries.
Stretching and mobilising routine for all you busy bees swamped with work. You can do it at your desk or in front of the TV... if you really can't or don't want to get up.
Activate and strengthen your glutes, back and abdominals with this simple 9.5min drill.
A 9.5min drill that will make you smell the smoke.  Three moves will address every part of your abs + obliques.
Follow along 7 minute drill that will burn your abs to the core.
Resistance bands are one of the best ways to mobilise and strengthen the body. Try this simple, yet effective workout, to activate and tone the muscles.
Workout #9 
Two triple sets that will target your whole abdominal area including your obliques. 
A challenging core and abs drill requiring a full core cooperation of your whole core. Strong core is the foundation of good form and safe movement. So get practice whenever you can.
How's your planking? If you'd like to test your core strength and endurance try this 5 min plank drill. We use few plank variations to fire up abs, back, glutes and legs.
We are revisiting the Wind screen Wiper (which i struggle to pronounce quickly in one go) :D and 5 other familiar moves. Each move is performed for 1 minute with 30s rest in the middle, so expect the burn!
Pure 10 min of abs and core workout with beginner variations. 2 rounds of 4 min each round and we finish with 2 min of leg lowers.
This five-minute conditioning drill can be a great finish to your cardio session. Two different muscle groups exercises done back-to-back.  30 seconds per exercise with no or minimal rest between them.
These simple exercises will help to strengthen and to improve the upper body's range of motion, making weight lifting much more productive.
Feeling stiff, or does your lower back hurt after spending a day sat on a desk? These gentle lower back stretches will help you relieve pain and relax your body after an intense day or a workout.
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