High intensity functional training for all fitness levels. Use your body-weight as the tool to develop speed, balance, strength and agility.



A mobility and strength workouts with resistance band to help you to mobilise your joints, activate and strengthen the muscles. 


tone &


A high repetitions of relatively low weights – kettle bells, dumbbells or plates. This workout will help you to tone up, get stronger and leaner.

Do you have more than 10 minutes to spare? Are you ready to raise the bar?

If you are ready and able to commit to more than 10 minutes of physical activity in one go, and you wish to turn your workouts into more complex sessions, increase muscle strength, mobility and endurance, then jump on.

These complete workouts are easy to follow, results- bringing and time & cost effective way to keep fit and strong.

They will get you puffing and huffing, they will keep you motivated and energised, and even might bring smile on your face when I'll crack a bad joke.
Find your favourite ones and stay on track.

New workouts every month - Different levels of intensity and difficulty -Start from where you are now and work your way up.

Results are guaranteed!

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