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High intensity functional training for all fitness levels. Use your bodyweight as the tool to develop stamina, balance, strength and agility.



Activation and strength workouts with the use of resistance bands to help you improve strength and stability.


tone &


Medium to high repetition ranges with relatively low to medium weight – kettle bells, dumbbells or plates. This workout will help you to tone up, get stronger and leaner.

Do you have more than 10 minutes to workout? Let's go for a longer ride then?

Here we're turning your workouts into more complex sessions, and we add some basic type of equipment.

These complete workouts have been recoded during online live classes. They are easy to follow, results- bringing and time & cost effective way to keep fit and strong on your own terms.

I'll  keep you motivated and vibing, especially with my bad jokes ;)

Find your favourite workout and keep on track.

Different levels of intensity and difficulty -Start from where you are now and work your way up.

Results guaranteed!

Let's Go!

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