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Workout #12
Today we go for super sets. High intensity moves all the way.
Workout #10
A Mountain Climbers Bonanza! Get ready for a 12 minutes of intense workout + warmup.
Another high intensity full body workout. This time we are back to 4 x 4. Four moves over four rounds with optional plyometric variations. 
We are bringing the heart rate up with six intense moves to kick your legs, ass, arms and abs.
A first outdoor and extended Bullet Workouts session with a special guest. A super fun full body workout that brought our competitive beasts out. We used Dumbbells and resistance bands on this occasion, but you can do easily without them.
A 4 x 4 Full body blast is a high intensity 10 min workout block that can be adapted to all fitness levels. Four moves over two rounds. Each round is 4 minutes long. Blood will pump, muscles will burn, the body fat will melt.
Full-body blast. A high intensity drill to help you to strengthen, improve endurance, balance and mobility.
Workout #11
Intervals! 20 sec high intensity move followed by 30 sec of lower intensity move. You'll work non-stop.
Workour #9
A burpee workshop! Take a deep breath and jump in.
Before engaging in this drill, please warmup. 
A 7 min high intensity full body workout. AMRAP stands for As many rounds as possible (in this case). How many rounds of these simple exercises you can squeeze in 7 minutes? The competition is on!
A 10min TABATA FUNFAIR is all about working to the max. These 3 very simple moves done as fast as you can in 20 sec intervals will help you to activate the post workout fat burn.
Use this stretching routine, especially after an intensive workout
Let's bring that heart rate up with this pyramid-style drill designed to strengthen the whole body and trigger the after-burn.
This 10-minute Tabata is a great way to help improve athletic performance and trigger the fat burn.
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