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Full body workout using light to moderate weights. These sets will raise your heart rate and build heat in your muscles.
Hands up who likes Halloween?! If you don't, then keep safe don't get anywhere close to this scary workout ;)
#5 From rack squats through lower and upper body combos to and overhead presses in the first circuit to curtsey lunges intervals to high pulls in set three... and more. 
Workout #7
We are adding activation and stability work today. It will burn it will get wobbly.
Get ready for a serious upper body conditioning. Feel free to take extra breaks or decrease to load in order to complete the rounds.
We mix lower and upper body moves to build extra heat and steam. Get ready for different squat variations and lunges. We finish on the floor focusing on the upper body and core.
#6 Today we alternate compound movement with isolation movement. We'll finish with a core focused superset.
Workout #8 Stretch & Strength
Try something new today. This time a full body workout without the weights. Check out these sequences that will work your lower body, upper body and the whole core using your own body weight only.
Workout #9
Work for time. Set 1: Squat to OH Press, Cossack Squats, Single Leg Dead Lift.
Set 2: Arnold presses, Triceps extensions.
Set 3: Abs
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