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#10 Hip flexors, inner thighs, glutes, core and more. suitable for any band type.
#8 Season spiced fun, dynamic and heart rate raising workout. Prepare to get sweaty.
We stay on the floor for the entire workout but, don't expect to get comfortable ;)
For this session a mini band or therapy band would wok best. Get ready for burning sensation in your Gluteus Medius. 
I suggest you don't schedule any leg workout for the next day. It will burn baby, burn! You'll activate and strengthen the Glute Medius and abductors which help with hip stability. Mini band best.
#9 Get ready for a booty call topped up with core and stability rounds.
#7 Mobility warmup followed by core focused band drills. It will burn!
This time we are utilising the loop band to mobilise and strengthen your upper body, but the therapy band will do as well.
More variations on lower body activation and strength. I'm using loop band, you can easily adapt the exercises if using other types of bands
For this workout you can use any type of band. If you have therapy or tube band, simple make a knot.
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